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I authorize Big Tows Inc. to disassemble my car for the purpose of preparing a full estimate of the cost of repair. A written estimate delivered via email using the email address I’ve included above is acceptable to me.
Authorization to Access Vehicle Data: I understand that modern vehicles are complex and that electronic data recorded in vehicle systems may help to diagnose necessary repairs and to confirm that applicable systems are functional after repairs are performed. I authorize Big Tows Inc. to access this data as part of the diagnostic and repair process and to include this data in compilations that may be used to study the causes of accidents or to achieve improvements in repair processes.
I authorize my insurance to make payment directly to Big Tows Inc. to endorse and deposit my insurance company check or draft.
I authorize my insurance company to move my vehicle to a Auto Body of my choice listed above.

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Why Us?

At Big Tows Inc., our main objective is to provide the best experience and service for our customers! We provide safe and efficient transportation of vehicles and equipment, as well as to respond quickly to emergency situations and provide recovery services. With equal importance, we are also committed to repair and restore vehicles to their original condition after collision or other damage. Our facilities strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

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